A new blog post

So, not that anyone cared or noticed, but I decided to purge my old blog post and start anew with updated content and more relevant topics. Mainly I am doing this for myself as a means to document and track all of the geeky things I have done. However, I am also doing this as it is a pretty sad case when a self confession geek and gadget lover can’t even be bothered maintaining his own blog.

Of all the things I could cover, I will try to at least keep the topics of this blog on track. I have friend who have blogs or social feeds that I am, admittedly, quite jealous of, and i look at them with an increased sense of frustration that I cannot do something similar. I am only going to get busier as the months progress, what with expecting another child into the family. Therefore I shall attempt to limit my witterings to:

  • Programming (python, javascript)
  • Raspberry Pi projects
  • Retro computing

Ok, so it will be more than that but I am notoriously lazy, so it might be i just use this blog as a personal bookmark to that I can keep track of the various things I give up half-way through.

Watch this space for my first fumblings with electronics since my secondary school days.